Mark Hogan

BA Hons (Cantab)

Hello! I spent 3 years studying Computer Science at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge. This page contains a little information about my academic pursuits over those years. It was originally located at but as University Computing Service accounts are not preserved beyond graduation it is kept here for anyone who is interested.

Part IA

A small amount of my practical work from Part IA can be found here and here under my CRSid, mwh27. In both cases the work was optional: I did it out of interest in representing evolutions in Conway's Game of Life in various different forms (an animated GIF image for the former and a WAV file for the latter).

Part IB

Here is a presentation (not given by me, though it does feature my phone demonstrating the scheduling component that I wrote the back end for) on the Part IB group project I undertook. There is a photo (in which you can find me) here (bottom of page: Group Quebec) from the group project demonstrations.

Part II
LocaMsg by Mark Hogan

My Part II Project and dissertation is titled "Location-based messaging on phones", though the core of the project is audio networking on Android phones to facilitate this functionality. There is a particular focus efficiency so that the result works on all Android 2.2+ devices with a minimal effect on the battery life but still achieves good data transfer rates over reasonable ranges. (The devices used for testing were a HTC Touch Diamond, a HTC Wildfire and a HTC HD2).

You can download my progress report here. I gave a 5 minute mini-talk to the Systems Research Group on the 8th of February 2011: the slides for this are available here. On the 14th of February 2011 I gave a similar talk (though with a less strict time limit) to my overseers and overseeing group: the slides for this are available here. It should be noted that all of these describe a work in progress and some of the information (e.g. the graph on slide 2 for both of the talks) was collected when the progress report was written, consequently not reflecting any subsequent improvements or additional functionality. All of the downloads are copyright Mark Hogan 2011 and are for personal reading only.